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Short Death Metal Riff Short Death Metal Riff

Rated 4 / 5 stars


it's very powerful, cool as fuck.

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks alot mate. My favourite part is the end riff.

Pubic Hair Pubic Hair

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


First of all, it sounds like Nirvana.
Secondly, I still can't understand the word. Plz submit it here.
Thirdly, what's the meaning of pubic, I might have been read it as public.
At last, this one is good, seems like you like this kind style much, I'm hoping your Heavy Metal songs very much.

Crazy-Train responds:

first of I love nirvana. sometimes i need to sound like a good ol grunge band. secondly sry about to lack of understanding the words. Something happened between my recorded sound in the pc and submitting to NG.i dont know. I might go back and remake it. maybe change some sounds settings I dont know.
btw pubic hair is something that people get when they hit puberty. they grow hair down by there penis or pussy. lol you'll get it soon if you havent gotten it yet. thanks for a great review daiwoguo. keep kicking ass

Off Key World Off Key World

Rated 5 / 5 stars


fuck my fuckin' computer especially its fucked up sound card, it really sucks. I can't hear the lyric clearly ,would you please submit the lyric here?
I like this one very much, only less than heavy metal melt down.
but why the guitar paused for so many times? or it's because my fuckin' fucked up PC?

Crazy-Train responds:

some lyrics you cant hear clearly some you can hear well. now let me find my book with that song in it that is somewhere in this house. hmmm brb *30minutse later* FUCK ME where is it. damn it damn it. Hey daiwoguo im going to have to email the lyrics to you when i find it...damn.... I cant seem to find my book of lyrics. So what ill do is listen to my own song and tell you what i hear and i do remeber. btw I do pause in the song so its not your sound card, its me. i like some brakes in the song its just a thing to me. kinda keep it from sounding punk. i dont know. but here are the lyrics.

I dont know why, these times are so cruely
I hope you cry, when you find out your just a tool

the worlds of key
atleast thats what it seems
breath deep, born again
life is full of ugly sin


sit there, watch TV
hard to breath, hard to see
learn of happenings
i can barly feel a thing


sad days for me
usual crap I do see
broken man has no dreams
all he sees are war machines.


I hope this helps anyone including you waiwoguo into understanding this song better.

Heavy Metal Melt Down Heavy Metal Melt Down

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is totally awesome, I like this though its first part sounds a bit like the Cradle of Filth's one song anyway, it's hard to say if it was like 'cuz this is clearly like 80's style which I like much, but haha, whatever,nevermind.
it's a great song, I can't say much. but it would be much nicer if the guitar solo go faster& faster& faster& faster& faster& faster& faster & ......

Crazy-Train responds:

cradle of filth huh? i was actually listening to alot of GoreBastard, another Really good NG Audio Artist, when I recorded this song. about the 80's style yeh i have an 70's 80's lead lick style. but thats what i learned. so i play. and man I tryed to go faster but it just didn't sound right to me so i didnt use it. but I am writing something new and I probably will go faster in it.
Thanks for the great review.

Tears Of The Insane Tears Of The Insane

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hey there, me again

though there's some problems on my computer & my English listening ability isn't very nice so that I can't understand what you're saying, I still can feel its scary, is it about a nightmare or something? I bet I'm right.
it's a great thing, I think I'll download it, but my PC can't and I don't know why.
I like this though

Crazy-Train responds:

dude dont worry about not understanding what i said. I think i was board and i started just yelling. I did say somewhere in the song "Eat your children" but that was just something I said. besides that Its just alot of yelling and screaming shit that i was piss off about at the time. nothing special. it was for more the emotion of the song than anything.

btw i made all the sounds (except the drums, im not a drummer) with my guitar (flying v) a rp200 digitech pedial and used acid pro 4.0 to recorded it. even the siren i made with this. infact it was an accident that i felt that sounded good.

Also If this scared you then HELL FUCKING YEH!!! thats what I kinda went for.

keep rocken daiwoguo

BrainDance BrainDance

Rated 4 / 5 stars

hey there, I'm here

well while listening to it, I'm thinking about where to use this stuff, I'm working on a flash game about Chinese soccer's sucked up thing, well I think I would use this to be the background music when the soccer game is stopped by the annoying soccer fans or at the beginning of every match.
well, I like the music ,your skill is far more better than me, I think I would learn something from you, haha. THough the weird sound is too loud, It's still a kick ass stuff.BTW, what's the meaning of "kick ass" anyway?

Crazy-Train responds:

sure use it man. I would fell honored. chinese soccer. that sound like a game worth playing too. yeh its kinda loud, but I wanted it loud so flash artiest, such as yourself, would be able to tweak it to the level they want. I hate watching a flash sub and the music is so quite you bairly can hear it and the resone was the guy who submitted the song made it to quite.

btw Kick Ass = Something that is very very very good.

also daiwoguo you kick ass buddy.